Made in Sweden!


We constantly develop products to produce new that you as a consumer can enjoy. Completely natural, organic and vegan luxury products that you use safely and with good conscience. We are also trend scout around the world to keep up with the trends that appeal to us.

Because we manufacture YAG here in Sweden, we can pick up news in production as soon as we anticipate a trend. This year we brought up 9 different Highlighters. 4 in cream form and 5 in loose powder for everyone to find a favorite.

At the lab in Halmstad, we are constantly developing to find the right shades and consistency. But something we compromise with are the organic, vegan and natural ingredients.


Our product range is not huge, we say it's the just about the perfect size. The idea of YAG
is that you can mix and blend all the products you want. No product is dehydrating or harmful,
which means you can use all products even on the most fragile skin around the eyes.
For example, try our cream Higlighter as a Eyeshadow or a Lipstick as Creamrouge.


Our philosophy is simple. We want to contribute and raise awareness for organic and vegan products. We want to take our responsibility and therefore offer the absolutely finest products in the form of YAG mineral makeup. As if organic and vegan is not luxurious enough, we have chosen to present our products in a more luxurious package that better match the luxurious content.

We are also members of NOC Sweden, an industry trade organization that works to increase awareness among others of Natural, Organic Cosmetics, which the abbreviation NOC stands for. Follow the link and read more about NOC.


Soon you can read more about the content of our products and search for specific ingredients.

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