The idea of YAG started many years ago when the first mineral makeup started showing up on the swedish market. The people welcomed the new trend with open arms, but pretty soon it stood clear that a lot of people reacted badly to the content of the mineral products, getting redness and itchy skin.

The ingredient that made people react is an oxidation of the element bismuth, namely bismuth oxide. The solid element bismuth is a heavy metal that is slightly radioactive, and similar to arsenic in its structure. Oxidized bismuth has a nice pink color and because of that and because of it's heaviness, it often ends up in powder foundations, blushes and eyeshadows. 

If you take a sample of someones hair and send for analyzing, the result can show which people use a certain kind of makeup. Always look up the ingredients in your mineral makeup. It is your responsbility as the consumer to know what you put on your face and skin. In Sweden the contents of makeup is regulated and too high concentrations of bismuth is not allowed. But not all makeup is sold the way it's used to, over the counter or in a store. A lot of makeup is being sold over the internet or from overseas, and to test and regulate all products available is impossible. Be sure to look closely at the ingredient list, and look up what you are actually putting on your skin and possibly absorbing into your body. We don't know what kind of long-term effects heavy metals have on our bodies.

This is the reason i founded YAG Sweden. People deserve to find a mineral makeup on the market that is pure and doesn't contain any harmful or irritating ingredients that will clog your pores, likes bismuth, talc or mineral oils.

YAG Sweden products are manufactured by hand in the beautiful city Halmstad in Sweden. In a small estate on a beautiful oak hill, YAG´s new facilities are steadily growing in the form of a raw material warehouse, production spaces, and a modern office. We work for a sustainable future and also hope to create more work opportunies for the the young adults in our country.