YAG Sweden's environment and sustainability policy

YAG sweden's organic & vegan mineral makeup series is manufactured in Halmstad, Sweden. We only use the absolute finest raw materials in our products and never compromise on quality. We stand 100% for our products and manufacture under Swedish nice employment and working conditions. We not only want to contribute to a sustainable and organic thinking but also create more jobs for young Swedes.

For example, when we buying raw materials in the form of minerals and other long-term commodities, we make large purchases as today we have large stock options. In the case of raw materials with shorter durability, instead, we have a full inventory of our raw materials stocks, so we only order just enough quantities and do not need to discard any good raw materials that nature has helped to create.

We think it is important to have full control of its raw materials stocks and whenever we can, order larger quantities to keep environmental impacts, such as, for example, freight emissions etc.

In the case of packaging materials such as cans, cylinders and small boxes, the same applies to dry ingredients, to buy larger quantities to keep down the number of deliveries and transport emissions.

We also do what we can in everyday work, in the new premises in Halmstad, such as sorting and actually composting the garbage that can be composted. Our office, production and warehouse is nestled on an oak hill in scenic Halland and therefore we may feel a bit extra for the environment. Just 20 meters from our port, several hundred years old oak trees sprinkle with their beautiful acorns will give our forthcoming skincare series a unique ingredient in the form of Halländsk, Swedish natural acorn oil.