YAG Eyeliner & Brow brush


YAG's Eyeliner & Brow brush is incredibley usable. 
Shape your brows to perfection with our Eyebrow color or mix any of our eyeshadows with a daub of our Eyeprimer and draw it on as eyeliner with this brush.

This brush is made of the finest synthetic hairs from Korea. It is thick and super soft and does not feel uncomfortable on your skin. The result is an even base of product. The hairs do not fall off or break. The brush is animal-friendly and suitable for all skintypes, and it is hypoallergenic. It is truly a wonderful brush of highest quality.

Wash it regurarly with a mild soap. Do not use conditioner on it, which will affect the brush's ability to pick up your product. Be careful not to get water into the brush handle, and your brush will keep in good condition for a long time.

Inc. 25% tax

119 kr